How does dazzling rain affects freshly poured concrete ...?

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How does dazzling rain affects freshly poured concrete ...?

Post by Patricia » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:23 am

complete scenario -

Every thing was ready for the roof concrete (gang , centering, bar bending..etc - Indian style roofing )
Sunday it was sunny day we decided to roof on Monday(place bangalore) ... everything was arranged for roofing .
Monday it was cloudy , as per weather predictions it would light drizzles , so we moved on.
we started at morning 9.00 am at 25% of completion it started rain drizzles..
then the rain drizzles continued , we finished the roof concrete work@2pm
Rain started heavily @4..and it continued
Still its drizzling Due to chennai Cyclone(affected karnataka)

Concrete grade - M20
cement used - Zuari Primo
equal ratio of sand and M-sand

Does it affect the concrete , any stability issues arises in future..

Guys i am worried about ...

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