Radio question. What replaces the LC circuit?

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Radio question. What replaces the LC circuit?

Post by Eugene » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:44 am

Hey guys,

I have another question about oscillator circuits and RF. My question is;

What replaces the LC circuit or tank in a digital IC radio? For instance, in a traditional tuner you have an inductor+ capacitor resonator circuit that tunes the selected frequency. All ' traditional ' radio receivers/ transmitters I've seen from before modern digital era use these.
This includes AM/ FM tuners, CB radios, alarm clock radios etc. My question is what replaces the resonator in radios that are designed as Integrated Circuits?
How do receivers/ transmitters that are tuned and or modulate digitally work?
How does, say a System on Chip FM tuner for a modern soft logic controlled stereo receiver compare to a ' transistor ' radio?
Is this an example of Phase locked loop??

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