Aerial (roof) rotating antenna operation?

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Aerial (roof) rotating antenna operation?

Post by Clayton » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:26 am

The particular case here is one of those systems where you have a light antenna on the roof, a little box inside controlled by a remote control for rotating clockwise or counterclochwise and the antenna connection and box is through a single coaxial cable.

My questions are:
1) is the box sending a decodifiable signal through the coaxial cable or,
2) is it a wireless communication that exists between the box and the antenna motor?

In the case it's through the coaxial cable, if the controller box (the one at the living room) is damaged but the motor is working ok, how can I control the motor (forward/reverse) even if I've to use another pair of cables for the purpose?

Thanks in advanced for any help on this!

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